prada ipo fashionably late (again)

Miucciapr_lalo_13617310_600 >> Is the fourth time a charm?  Prada, who has already tried to go public three times, just has bad luck with timing, it seems.  The first IPO try was scheduled for Sept. 20, 2001, a plan that was derailed by 9/11.  Then came a try in June 2002, but the WorldCom scandal rendered it moot.

Bad market conditions seem to be striking again: the previously-named June IPO date is now being pushed back until Fall due to too much volatility.   If it ever does go through, hopefully it won't affect Miuccia's fashion beacon mentality too much . . . but you can probably expect more money-making nylon bags, perfumes, and maybe even a Marc by Marc-type line?

Miuccia and main squeze/Prada CEO Patrizio Bertelli, above left

*image: wireimage