super mario

Gpvogue_0508_3Jm_voguep_0508_15 >>  Two different actresses, two different magazines . . . same photographer.  Mario Testino snagged the May 2008 covers for both Vogue and Vogue Paris: Gwyneth ended up with the floating head, robotic, airbrushed out the wazoo treatment, while Julianne took the deer in the headlights, let all my freckles be seen approach. 

Personally, I prefer the latter to the former, because there is some remnant of a real person to be seen in there, but really, I'm still stuck on the fact that these are by the same photographer, especially because I'm used to seeing Mario's images more polished than the VP cover.  I guess it's ultimately about getting what your client wants, but that Julianne shot sure looks like Terry Richardson's work to me.

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