take it from kate

>>  Leopard is one of those things that can either look really good or really, really bad -- there's Jkno in-between.  With leopard all over the runways, I figure we should take some pointers from the world's best-dressed woman -- Kate Moss -- so we can get the look right. 

To start out with, we have this lovely see-through ensemble at right with leopard-print undies.  A good look, eh?  Are you having a heart attack?  Well don't, because I'm just kidding -- this a big no-no, courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana circa '97.  I just found it amusing when I was looking around for pictures of Kate in leopard.

Kate_clutchKate_coat2 Getting serious now, leopard typically looks good in small quantities -- a clutch, some pointy-toed flats, and the like.  Leopard boots are a no-go, as far as I'm concerned.  The only exception to the leopard-only-in-small-quantities-rule would be the leopard coat, because it's a classic -- Jackie O. had one (real, too). 

Kate_yellowAs far as color schemes, Kate always pairs her leopard with an all-black outfit, black with a punch of red somewhere, or a light yellow dress.  These all seem to work well, and I can't really think of any other colors off the top of my head that might look good.  I've been known to be wrong, however, so don't count this as the gospel truth -- but black, red, or pale yellow (and of course denim) are the colors I tend to stick to with leopard.