the wintour of our discontent?

>> The only show
I was able to catch at New York Fashion Week that she also attended was Doo.Ri.  The woman sitting in front of me had a camera zoomed in on her the entire show, constantly taking pictures -- perhaps to catch reactions?  And we wonder why she pulls on her trademark Chanel sunnies as soon as the lights go down -- I probably would too if I felt like half the audience was watching me instead of the runway show. 
Ms. Anna Wintour -- the feared.  I don't agree with most of the stylistic choices she makes, but business-wise, I think she's right on the money (no pun intended).  She understands the need for fashion to mesh with business, fostering young designers and helping them make connections, and selling the most advertising out of all the fashion magazines.  I just came across a three-year-old interview from the Wall Street Journal that shed some new light for me on Ms. Wintour -- she came across very positively.  As much as we love to hate her, I do think that we should step back and recognize the good things she has done.  Besides, Vogue wouldn't have kept her around this long if she wasn't making a weighty contribution or two.