Alice + Olivia Fall 2014 Runway Show | New York Fashion Week

Fantasy Is Reality at Alice + Olivia Fall

Alice + Olivia Fall 2014 Runway Show | New York Fashion Week

If the cab ride out to McKittrick Hotel (the site of NYC's Sleep No More) wasn't enough to transport showgoers from the Fashion Week landscape at Lincoln Center, then the dim, candlelit passageways and staircases at the venue surely made Alice + Olivia's collection seem like a glimpse of not just Fall 2014, but another world.

I made my way down one hallway after the next, following the shadows of girls teetering in heels until finally we wound up in the ballroom and came face to face with a fairy-tale lineup — I mean that in the most literal sense, as one only can when met by Rapunzel, Snow White, and Little Red Riding Hood sitting pretty in her carriage. If Stacey Bendet is known for her typically whimsical details, this was full-fledged fashion fantasy. Not that you could ignore the setup — or that you'd want to — but underneath the layered-on make-believe, Stacey has plenty for the modern-day princess, too. This collection is for girls who look for cheeky clutches, sequined pencil skirts, and shimmering jacquard to make an everyday outfit enchanting.

Photo courtesy of Alice + Olivia

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