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10 Trends Birthday Girl Madonna Totally Made Happen

10 Trends Birthday Girl Madonna Totally Made Happen

Madonna's been owning the pop culture scene and making style waves for decades now. And as the icon celebrates her 56th birthday today, she's given approximately zero signs of slowing down. She mastered punk most recently, but could we have expected anything less?

The international superstar, clothing chameleon, and ultimate risk-taker has brought so much good to our lives — and single-handedly ushered in tons of trends since she hit the scene in the early '80s. From Ray-Ban Wayfarers and fingerless lace gloves to cone bras and stacks of rubber bracelets (the original arm party, in our opinion), Madonna has a long history of setting trends and paving the way for fashion freedom. Rather than sending a cake or flowers, we're honoring the pop star with a retrospective on the top 10 trends she more or less originated.

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