Sexy Stars Over 40

Sandra Bullock Just Took the Crown For Ageless Style

Sandra Bullock Just Took the Crown For Ageless Style

As the saying goes, rules are meant to be broken. And when that rule is an antiquated restriction on what a woman can wear, that's a case where it needs to be broken, smashed, exploded, and burned.

That's exactly what just-turned-50 star Sandra Bullock did this weekend when she once again proved that age is just a number. And she's in good company! Stars like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez aren't adhering to credos that say women over 40 can't wear minis, bare their midriffs, or just be the generally sexy stars that they are. Since they often pull off these sultry designs better than women half their years, we have to ask: how can these looks be wrong when they feel so right? And while a lady never reveals her age, we have a feeling these stars wouldn't mind us sharing — because they look so darn good!

Source: Instagram user chelseahandler